The Kolka Livonian Meeting House



The Kolka Livonian Meeting House is a remarkable place on the Kurzeme shore where the local government and public organisations work together to introduce the Livonian heritage to both residents and visitors, offering an insight into the culture, traditional activities, language and cultural heritage of North Kurzeme Livonians. The house is designed as a multifunctional centre, accommodating museum assets (in exhibitions, and displays), a tourist information centre and a non-formal education/self-development centre under one roof. With the help of local NGOs and the community, the House is filled with both informative and material content, making it an interesting and unique place to visit.


Improvements made within the project

Furniture and equipment is purchased to enable the Kolka Livonian Meeting House to provide quality services.


Investments – EUR 15,511.63

Of which:

ERDF funding – EUR 13,184.88

state budget grant – EUR 581.69

municipal funding – EUR 1745.06

The project was implemented by Dundaga Municipality Local Government.



«Pastnieki», Kolka, Kolka Parish, Talsi Municipality.


Working time

Working time in the tourism season (mid-May to October)

Every day at 8:30-17:00


Admission fee

Free of charge


Getting there

By private transport, on foot or by public transport on the route Kolka


Good to know

It offers insight into the culture, traditional activities, language and cultural heritage of the North Kurzeme Livonians all year round. The House is open for cultural events, seminars, training and exhibitions, and offers tourist information.

Guided tours should be booked ahead. The facility is accessible for people with reduced mobility and parents with baby strollers.



+371 29402093

[email protected]