The Historical Center of Valmiera – Valmiera’s Elephant Street



Valmiera’s Elephant Street (Ziloņu iela) has nothing to do with elephants but rather is a play on the name of the fortification called the Blue Bastion (Zilais Bastions). The street created in the 19th century on the site of the former bastion was first named Blue Bastion Street (Blaue Bastion Strasse) which was simplified to Blue Street (Zilā iela) by a land surveyor drawing the city’s plan in the 20th century. Soon after, Valmiera’s citizens started calling it Ziloņu iela – Elephant Street – and this unusual name was made official after WWI.


Improvements made within the project

Elephant Street is a multifunctional space for recreation and hosting culture and art-related events, all the while preserving and developing the area’s historical, natural and scenic value.

Investments – EUR 5,843,825.81
Of which:
ERDF funding – EUR 3,100,000
state budget grant – EUR 109,411.77
municipal funding – EUR 2,634,414.04



Valmiera, Elephant Street (Ziloņu iela)


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