Saulkrasti Neibāde Park



The first written records of the Vidzeme coast and Livonian villages can be found in the Livonian Chronicle of Henry. The Vidzeme coast has preserved many old toponyms: this is the intangible cultural heritage of the Livonian Route. Neibāde, Pabasile, and Katrīnbāde are some of the smaller Livonian villages mentioned in the territory of Saulkrasti.

Neibāde was founded in 1823 when Alexei von Pistohlkors and Karl von Reutern – the sons-in-law of Bīriņi Manor’s owner Count von Mellin – built their summer residencies here. At first, Neibāde was the summer house district of Pēterupe village, also known as the “lord’s end”. Until WWI, it was home to noble holidaymakers from St Petersburg, Moscow, Tarbatu and other parts of the Russian Empire, as well as landlords from Northern Vidzeme.

The establishment of Neibāde (translated as ‘the new swimming place’) resort in 1823 launched the town’s reputation for hospitality. Neibāde’s English-style park was designed by the gardener Akerberg, commissioned from Estonia by Baron von Pistohlkors. In 1877, Baron August von Pistohlkors erected a monument in the park to honour his ancestors’ contribution to founding and developing Neibāde.

The first historical evidence of Neibāde’s open-air stage and its various previous names date back to 1925: events were announced in the square of Neibāde’s Lilienfeld Summer Square on the banks of the Ķīšupe River, then in 1929, in Mr Lamster’s Park. In the summer of 1931, residents were called to the Countryside Festival in Neibāde New Park, and a poster from 1933 announces a guest performance by the Rīga People’s Theatre – The Secret of the Old Mill, at the Pēterupe–Neibāde Seashore Aid and Improvement Society’s Saulkrasti Open-Air Stage.

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Improvements made within the project

The stage is restored and the Neibāde Park is landscaped. Paths are constructed, benches are installed, toilets are built. The area is improved for leisure and cultural activities.


Investments – EUR 967,480

Of which:

ERDF funding – EUR 811,478

state budget grant – EUR 28,640.40

municipal funding – EUR 127,361.60 

The project was implemented by Saulkrasti Municipality Local Government.



Ainažu Street 42a, Saulkrasti,


Working time

24 h


Admission fee

Admission fees for events only, otherwise Neibāde Park is open to visitors free of charge.


Getting there

On foot, private transport or public transport.



+371 679512590

[email protected]