The Pāvilosta Flood Protection Structure – Promenade



The most popular tourist destinations in the Pāvilosta region include its Local History Museum, the nearby Boat House, and the paved promenade along the Saka River, connecting the Northern Pier to the beginning of Dzintaru Street. Due to its strategic location amid popular tourist attractions, this area boasts the highest tourist traffic in the summer.

Dating back to 1879, the current Pāvilosta Local History Museum was the town’s first stone building (known as the House of Harbour Pilots) and may be considered the starting point of the Pāvilosta settlement. The museum is nestled between the Baltic Sea and the Saka River, next to a yacht harbour and the port of Pāvilosta. The 110 m long levee on the right bank of Saka River was built in 1876 and reconstructed in 1923-1926. The promenade serves both as protection for the museum’s historic buildings against flooding and damage and as infrastructure for easier access to the sea. The Pāvilosta Local History Museum is one of the few museums in Latvia boasting an abundance of fishing objects, and a large part of the exhibition is dedicated to fishing. The museum offers a new independent exhibition, Pāvilosta During the Soviet Occupation, which reflects life in the restricted zone. The museum complex also includes the Net House and a small stage built under the project.


Improvements made within the project

The project also strengthened the bank of Saka River, built a promenade and a slip for launching boats, improved Pāvilosta Local History Museum’s surrounding territory, restored the historical pavement on the Saka River bank, improved the museum’s accessibility and installed a fire escape ladder to the building’s second floor, constructed a small stage next to the museum, installed utilities in the SERF house, and developed the overall territory.

Investments – EUR 1,111,044.43
Of which:
ERDF funding – EUR 559,334.17
state budget grant – EUR 78,866.12
municipal funding – EUR 437,046.75
other public financing – EUR 35,797.39

The project was implemented by Pāvilosta Municipality Local Government.



Dzintaru street 1, Dzintaru street 1A, Dzintaru street 1C, Dzintaru street 2C, Tirgus street 18, Pāvilosta, Dienvidkurzeme county.


Working time

The promenade is publicly accessible.

Pāvilosta Local History Museum:

1.05. – 30.09.

Wednesday – Friday  9.00 – 17.00

Saturday, Sunday 12.00 – 16.00

Monday, Tuesday – closed

1.10. – 30.04.

Tuesday – Friday 10.00 – 16.00

On the 3rd Saturday of every month 10.00 – 14.00


Admission fee

  • EUR 1.00 for pupils
  • EUR 1.00 students, persons with group III disability, pensioners
  • EUR 3.00 adults
  • Free admission for preschool children, persons with group I and II disability, for employees of Latvian museums.
  • Exhibition fee EUR 1.00 (families with 3+ card 50% discount)
  • EUR 5.00 guided tour (for a group of up to 15 visitors); EUR 10.00 (for a group of more than 15 visitors)
  • EUR 20.00 guided tour outside the museum
  • EUR 10.00 exhibition room rental (1 h)

Getting there

By private transport, on foot, by yacht or other watercraft. Public transport on the routes Liepāja-Pāvilosta or Liepāja-Ventspils, Rīga-Pāvilosta. Walking along the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route (Jūrtaka).


Good to know

You can book a guide for both the museum and Pāvilosta town, the guide is the museum manager Irina Kurčanova +371 29226273.

Tourist information: Pāvilosta Tourism Information Centre +371 29121894



Pāvilosta Local History Museum +371 63498276, +371 29226273

Pāvilosta Tourism Information Centre +371 29121894