Farmstead Slutišķi 2



Farmstead Slutišķi 2 is located in Naujene rural territory, Augšdaugava municipality, in the village of Slutišķi. Together with the rest of the Slutišķi village, it is part of the Augšdaugava Protected Landscape Area (an object of the National Register of Latvia for UNESCO World Heritage Sites) and part of the Bends of Daugava River Nature Park.

The Slutišķi settlement is recognised as a protected architectural monument of national significance. It represents the architecture typical of Latgale’s Old Believer settlements in the late 19th–early 20th centuries and provides a glimpse into the lifestyle of peasants and traditions of the Old Believers. A monument of traditional architecture, the restored farmstead Slutišķi 2 is a faithful representation of the Old Believers’ way of life, surviving here in its natural environment. Next to it lies the recreational area Latgale Farmstead.

The nearby Markova Hillfort is one of the smallest Latgalian hillforts and an archaeological monument of national significance. The hillfort is perched on a gravel hill overlooking the striking Slutišķi ethnographic village and the charming Bends of Daugava River Nature Park. You can explore the hillfort’s surroundings by wandering down the Markova Cognitive Trail and exploring sights such as Markova Cemetery, Markova Hillfort, the level marker of the planned Daugavpils HPP reservoir, Putāni Brook, Putāni Brook Boulder, etc. Keep an eye out for some rare, protected plant species, such as snowdrop anemones and rolling hen-and-chicks.

In 1986, the villages of Markova and Slutišķi were severely affected by the construction of the Daugavpils HPP, which had a devastating impact on Slutišķi cultural heritage with the partial loss of historic buildings and many important items of Old Believers’ lives and traditions. Seeing Augšdaugava ruined by the construction, the journalist Dainis Īvāns published an article named Thinking About the Fate of Daugava in 1986, which set in motion the Popular Front of Latvia and ultimately the country’s journey to independence.

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Improvements made within the project

Based on the restoration plan developed by architect I. Caunīte, the project restored the farmstead Slutišķi 2 to create cultural and historical exhibitions: Old Believers’ Prayer Room, Carpentry in Latgale in the First Half of the 20th Century, and Livestock Farming in Latgale in the First Half of the 20th Century. The project will lead to the establishment of an Old Believers’ Cultural Heritage Centre in Slutišķi to study and interpret South Latgale Old Believers’ cultural heritage in modern exhibitions.

Moreover, the conservation of Markova Hillfort was carried out and its accessibility improved. The 1.6-kilometre-long Markova Cognitive Trail was renovated by replacing old steps and creating new ones under the supervision of archaeologists, installing a viewing platform, two footbridges, a toilet, an information stand and trail signs. An open-air stage, a children’s playground, an entrance gate, an eco-trail, a bonfire site, a canopy for musicians, a toilet, benches, and tables were installed at the Latgale Farmstead recreation area, and the territory was improved as well.

Investments – EUR 500,000

Of which:

ERDF funding – EUR 425,000

state budget grant – EUR 22,500

municipal funding – EUR 52,500

The project was implemented by Daugavpils Municipality Council.

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Slutišķi, Naujenes Parish, Daugavpils County


Working time

24 h


Admission fee

While the buildings are still in renovation, a visit to Slutišķi farmstead is free of charge. Markova Hillfort and Latgale Farmstead are open to visitors free of charge.


Getting there

Access on foot, by bicycle, private car, or public transport on the route Daugavpils–Krāslava, bus stop Židina.



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